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  • Press Releases 2017

    • Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) blazes new paths for competitive electric mobility

      Hannover – at the CeBIT 2017, will present the entirely developed CITY eTAXI at the booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The launch of the newly developed vehicle type positions the CITY eTAXI as a counter-approach to today’s developments in the automotive sector.

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    • 13th Battery Experts’ Forum – International setting of the battery

      The top topics of this year’s industry meeting point on 15th and 16th March 2017 include the “global market for lithium ion battery technologies” and “cell manufacturers and users”. The topics of “electromobility” and “new materials and technologies” will be discussed in two further sessions.

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    • BMZ Brings New Energy Storage System with Higher Capacity to

      With the new lithium ion energy storage option – the BMZ Energy Storage Systems (ESS) – both private and commercial solar system operators have the ability to inexpensively store solar energy during the day, then use it in their own homes or businesses as needed.

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    • BMZ Manufactures Lithium-Ion Batteries for E-Mobility Applications

      As a global player in lithium-ion battery systems, the BMZ Group develops large-scale batteries for vehicles like buses, forklifts, cranes, sweepers, commercial vehicles in harbours and airports, E-taxis, industrial trucks, and E-boats.

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    • “AkkuWelt” - Reference Work on Battery Technology

      No matter whether they're used in the automotive sector, electric bicycles, tools, energy networks, or industrial manufacturing: batteries play an ever growing role in our society, and are at the heart of many different evices and systems. They make mobile applications possible and drive innovation on all technologically-oriented markets.

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    • With 3Tron, BMZ offers longer range for e-bikes

      BMZ is the first company to put the 3Tron battery on the market: with super-strong cells in the 21700 format for more power. E-bikes achieve even longer ranges with the new battery.

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