BMZ E.Volution Center

The BMZ E.Volution Center develops batteries of the future

The BMZ E.Volution Center develops around 200 new battery systems for automotive, e-bikes, garden tools, medical devices and other applications under the direction of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Dirk Oestreich.

More than 150 employees in the BMZ E.Volution Center develop all the components of a modern, high-performance lithium-ion battery, from concept to series production. In addition to battery cell experts, the E.Volution Center employs designers, hardware and software developers, test engineers and prototype engineers, as well as welding specialists. Thermal management, charging technology and many other innovative topics. Product managers and project managers ensure that the developments are completed in time. From the BMZ E.Volution Center, customers receive total solutions for a wide variety of applications.



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