Innovative e-bus battery system

The project is supposed to deliver product innovation and its goal is to create and launch a new generation of e-bus battery system that meet the requirements of R100 revision 2. The project assumes the implementation of European innovation as such solution is not offered in existing and known battery systems for e-bus applications.

The final result of the project will be the e-bus battery system, which will be significantly improved compared to other systems offered by BMZ POLAND. The e-bus battery system resulting from the research work consists of a set of components that allow for the configuration of battery modules and central management system (Master BMS). Thanks to this configuration, the battery system will be able to be mounted on different vehicles (varying number of modules) across the various bus manufacturers while allowing full functionality to be used from the smallest configuration. In addition, the system will be able to be mounted on the bus roof, both along and across the vehicle axle.

The built-in e-bus battery system functionality, not found in other products of this type, will allow prediction of the battery system behavior depending on the operating conditions and the route of the vehicle. With this data, the battery system will be able to flexibly adjust the charging points based on the travel schedule, current time, and available energy when deciding when to charge the vehicle in an 'opportunity charging' system. This way of managing the battery will optimize the charging time and reduce the potential for delays generated by the need to wait for the vehicle to charge.

Due to the dual-level design of the battery system (several batteries inside the system, several battery modules inside the single battery), we expect that this design will allow for 'second battery life' and the use of battery modules in stationary energy storage systems. This would allow the battery to continue to be used efficiently to store energy generated from, for example, renewable sources.

The project implementation and results will contribute to the diversification of BMZ Poland's current portfolio by introducing a significantly improved e-bus battery system with innovative technical features and system functionalities. Thanks to this the company will increase its market share and sales volume.



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