Verteilnetz 2020

Grid and frequency stabilization – Short Term Operating Reserve Market

Primary and secondary power distribution grids face increasing challenges due to the increasing installation of renewable energy sources. Because they were not designed for decentralized power generation, voltage stability and overloading of grid components become increasingly relevant problems.

Ten partners with different backgrounds are working on increasing the feed-in capacity and improving the power quality in low-voltage distribution grids in the “Verteilnetz2020” Project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. To this end they develop novel electrical equipment with extended features regarding voltage control and compensation of harmonics and will test it in the field. BMZ develops centrally controlled but decentrally located Li-Ion battery storage systems which are operated in an optimal way in order to increase their life while taking into account energy generation and consumption forecasts. The battery storage systems reduce spikes in both energy generation and consumption and can therefore be used to reduce the load of specific grid branches, thus making an expensive increase in the branch capacity unnecessary.



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