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  • Press Releases 2016

    • BMZ develops 3Tron battery with cells in 21700 format

      BMZ’s new 3Tron battery with cells in the 21700 format sets new standards in terms of capacity and discharge current. With the 3Tron battery, the specialist for integrated battery system solutions from Karlstein has developed a battery with cells in the brand new 21700 format: with a diameter of 21mm and a height of 70mm.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 139,24 KB)

    • BMZ produces lithium-ion battery for forklifts

      This week, lithium-ion batteries for forklifts have entered series production at BMZ GmbH in Karlstein am Main. BMZ’s lithium-ion battery is produced in seven different form factors. It has a voltage of between 48 and 80 volts and a capacity of 10 to 120 kilowatt hours.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 161,93 KB)

    • Husqvarna Group and BMZ in strategic partnership for future battery development

      Husqvarna Group and BMZ GmbH, a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions, has entered into a Strategic Partnership agreement. The agreement covers development and manufacturing of future generation lithium-ion batteries for Husqvarna Group’s forestry, lawn and garden products.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 44,42 KB)

    • Mr. Marco Nover will become new sales director at BMZ

      Mr. Marco Nover will assume the position of the new sales director and head of sales department at BMZ in Karlstein (Main). In the last few years, Nover was developed as team leader of regional sales team and deputy head of sales at BMZ.

      Downloard Press Release (PDF | 131,93 KB)

    • BMZ offers four-year warranty on e-bike batteries

      As of the model year 2017, BMZ GmbH offers a warranty of four years on e-bike batteries to the customers of the ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG (“bicycle purchasing cooperative”).

      Downloard Press Release (PDF | 32,89 KB)

    • BMZ for the first time honors suppliers for outstanding performance as for quality, flexibility and innovation

      Karlstein 15.06.2016 • On the occasion of its Supplier Days 2016 BMZ, one of the leading suppliers worldwide for lithium-ion batteries, for the first time honored three partner companies for outstanding performance.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 260,9 KB)

    • Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) blazes new paths for competitive electric mobility

      Karlstein, 02.06.2016 • VöACM presented the final layout of the CITY eTAXI by unveiling the fully developed e-vehicle in a 1:1 scale. The launch of the newly developed vehicle type positions the CITY eTAXI as a counter-approach to today's developments in the automotive sector. Opposing the trend of building bigger and faster vehicles similar to, for example, SUVs, which are oversized for inner city areas.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 468,2 KB)

    • Europe’s Gigafactory: BMZ opens up first section of Europe’s biggest lithium-ion battery manufacture

      Karlstein 09.05.2016 • Following a construction time of only a little more than one year the Karlstein BMZ GmbH, Europe’s leading developer and producer of intelligent lithium-ion batteries, has now opened up the first two production, logistics and office buildings in Karlstein-Großwelzheim.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 233,12 KB)

    • BMZ Group starts 2017 with new website

      BMZ Group’s new website has recently been launched under the domain The website has a completely new look and feel. Through strong imagery, thevisitors can gain an insight into the expanding market of lithium-ion battery systems.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 23,39 KB)

  • Press Releases 2015

    • BMZ celebrates 2 million e-bike batteries produced

      Karlstein, 22.09.2015The two millionth e-bike battery has left the production lines at BMZ (Batterien-Montage-Zentrum). With this landmark the company is reaching a new dimension in the production of standard e-bike batteries.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 241,69 KB)

    • State-of-the-art battery technology by BMZ in compact design

      Karlstein, 28.08.2015 With the Range Extender, German e-bike supplier BMZ (Batterien-Montage-Zentrum) is already offering an energy booster that provides additional capacity for extended bike tours. Now, the company is upping the ante with a much more powerful model in the same shape, which can be used as a stand-alone battery for e-bikes.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 257,59 KB)

    • Innovative pivoting battery from BMZ combines power and comfortable handling

      Karlstein, 18.03.2015 • The new UR-V5 Battery Pack from BMZ is the ideal solution when the battery is to be mounted in a triangle frame. Thanks to its innovative pivot mechanism, e-bike-customers receive an easy to handle battery with many sophisticated details.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 438,64 KB)

    • Official ground-breaking ceremony for Europe‘s largest rechargeable battery production facility

      Karlstein, 03.02.2015 • Just four years after the current production facilities were built, the German manufacturing capacity of Europe’s leading lithium-ion rechargeable battery system supplier is again reaching its limits.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 233,12 KB)

  • Press Releases 2013

    • BMZ founder Sven Bauer represents Germany in the contest for World Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

      Karlstein, 06.06.2013 • The best entrepreneurs from more than 50 nations are facing a demanding contest: on 8th June 2013, Ernst & Young will elect the World Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 in Monte Carlo. Sven Bauer is nominated as the German finalist.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 214 KB)

    • BMZ sets up the first highly automated production plant for lithium rechargeable battery packs

      Karlstein, 25.03 2013 • Karlstein –BMZ GmbH, Europe’s leading rechargeable battery manufacturer with more than 230 million Euros in turnover last year, will shortly start construction of Europe’s first highly automated rechargeable battery production plant at the company’s headquarters in Karlstein near Aschaffenburg.

      Download Press Release (PDF | 146,32 KB)



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