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  • Press Releases 2018

    • 15th Battery Experts Forum Starts with 1,200 Participants

      Karlstein, 15 February 2018 • The Battery Experts Forum in Aschaffenburg City Hall set a new participation record with 1,200 attendees. The forum has developed into one of the largest events in Europe for battery manufacturers, their suppliers, researchers, developers, and users.

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    • Project Fab4Lib Launched with 19 Partners

      Karlstein, 29 January 2018 • On 01/18/2018, 36 specialists from a total of 19 research institutions and industrial companies met at Manz AG in Reutlingen under the project management of TerraE Holding GmbH to officially launch the Fab4Lib research project to develop large-scale mass production for lithium-ion cells.

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    • BMZ Brings New “ESS X” Energy Storage System with Higher Capacity to Market

      Karlstein, 26 January 2018 • With the new lithium ion energy storage option – the BMZ Energy Storage Systems ESSX – both private and commercial solar system operators have the ability to inexpensively store solar energy during the day, then use it in their own homes or businesses as needed.

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  • Press Releases 2017 & 2018


      Karlstein, 24 January 2018 • 15th Battery Experts Forum, Town Hall Aschaffenburg 27th February-1st March 2018. On the occasion of the 15th Battery Experts Forum, we kindly invite you to the Aschaffenburg Town Hall.

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    • Creating the Conditions for Large-Scale Series Production of Lithium-Ion Cells

      Karlstein, 09 January 2018 • A consortium of 17 companies and research institutions will begin research and development on processes for large-scale series production of lithium-ion battery cells in January 2018. The goal of the project is to explore innovative solutions along the value chain of lithium-ion technologies, and validate these through demonstrators. The project is led by TerraE Holding GmbH, which intends to subsequently implement the results achieved in large-scale series production in its own plants in the near future.

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    • E-Mobility: New Hybrid Storage Concept to Increase Range and Power

      Karlstein, 07 Dezember 2017 •  As part of the “hyPowerRange” project, funded by BMWi, we are developing and testing a new kind of battery concept that provides an inexpensive, modular, and flexible way to improve the performance and capacity of electric vehicle batteries.

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    • BMZ Group and Eurabus set new standards in the E-Bus industry

      Karlstein, 09 November 2017 • The BMZ Group has signed a 150 million euro agreement with Eurabus GmbH to deliver battery systems for E-buses. The framework agreement governs a long-term collaboration to create system solutions for E-buses, and covers over 1,000 battery systems for buses scheduled to be delivered over the next 2-3 years.

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    • Start the New Season with the BMZ Training Academy for E-Bike Retailers

      Karlstein, 07 November 2017 • The BMZ Training Academy will launch in January 2018, offering multiple training courses for E-bike retailers. During a one-day training session at the BMZ Group International Headquarters in Karlstein a.M., specialists will train interested participants on the BMZ Drive System open system solution.

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    • BMZ Central Service Offers Battery Recycling

      Karlstein, 07 November 2017 • The BMZ Group offers a unique return and recycling service for lithium ion batteries in any EU member state. “For customers of the BMZ Group worldwide, the advantage is that they can receive all of the services their business needs from a single source,” explains Sven Bauer, CEO & Founder of the BMZ Group in Karlstein a.M.

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    • BMZ Group has achieved a jump in sales of 300 percent in France

      Karlstein, 05 November  2017 • By the end of 2017, the BMZ Group will increase its sales in France by 300 percent in comparison with 2016. “Under the leadership of Jean-Marc Brunet, General Manager at BMZ France GmbH, we are expanding with a growing team on the French market for lithium-ion battery system applications,”

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    • New General Manager in the US

      Karlstein, 16 October  2017 • Kai Schöffler took over the position of General Managers at BMZ USA Inc. in Virginia Beach. Since 2013 he was engaged as Head of Corporate Development at BMZ Holding GmbH and as Senior Group Controller. Under Kai’s leadership, BMZ USA's goal is to double its revenues to eight million USD in 2017, following a sales volume of around four million USD in 2016.

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    • TerraE Opens Engineering Office for Cell Factories

      Karlstein, 12 October  2017 • TerraE Holding GmbH has expanded to handle its planning activities by founding the subsidiary TerraE Engineering GmbH. A team of engineers will take over the planning activities for all future lithium-ion cell production factories within the TerraE group.

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    • TerraE ensures raw materials delivery from Magnis Resources

      Karlstein, 11 September  2017 • TerraE Holding GmbH has signed a memorandum of understanding with the company Magnis Resources Limited, headquartered in Sydney Australia, to deliver raw materials for the gigafactory for battery cell production it is planning for Germany. 

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    • Service for e-bike retailers - BMZ Group expands Central Service internationally

      The BMZ Group offers retailers pick up and drop off service, e-bike battery repair, telephone consulting, and service software. In order to serve customers across the complete life cycle of a product, BMZ Central Service offers highly trained technicians and specialists with many years of experience in service management

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    • BMZ presents charging and battery exchange station for the City E-Taxi

      Karlstein, 24 August 2017 • BMZ GmbH will be presenting the charging and battery exchange stations it developed for City E-taxis under the Adaptive-City Mobility (ACM) research project at the IAA New Mobility World.

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    • BMZ batteries increase the range of E-mountain bikes

      Karlstein, 24 August  2017 • E-bike technology is a fixed part of the sporty bike segment today. The bicycle industry is opening up all new perspectives for cyclists not only with E-mountain bikes, but with E-racing
      bikes as well.

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    • The Power Bank for E-bikes – the Range Extender by BMZ

      Karlstein, 24 August  2017 • The Range Extender is a mobile charger for E-bike batteries. The Range Extender is an energy dispenser shaped like a bicycle water bottle that delivers the extra reserve energy
      that riders need on the go.

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    • BMZ offers Cargo Battery for E-Cargo Bikes

      Karlstein, 24.08.2017 • A new trend in mobility is sweeping major European cities: More and more companies are using E-cargo bikes to deliver their goods on time quickly, inexpensively, and in a way that’s
      good for the environment.

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    • EuroBike: BMZ presents news of BMZ Drive Systems

      Karlstein, 22 August  2017 • In anticipation of the EuroBike trade fair in Friedrichshafen from August 30th to
      September 2nd, we would like to invite you to visit the BMZ Group exhibition booth to learn about new developments in BMZ Drive Systems.

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    • BMZ E.Volution Center Develops the Batteries of the Future

      Karlstein, 22 August  2017 • The international headquarters of the BMZ Group will be launching the E.Volution Center starting in September 2017. Over 150 developers will be developing the energy storage
      systems of the future in Karlstein am Main in Aschaffenburg

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    • Trend Setters in Battery Design – BMZ Presents New Integrated E-Bike Batteries at EuroBike

      Karlstein, 22 August  2017 • Finding the best solution for where to mount the battery is one of the biggest challenges in developing modern E-bikes.

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    • TerraE Creates Consortium for Gigafactory

      Karlstein, 03 August  2017 • TerraE-Holding GmbH has composed 17 major companies and research institutions to a consortium to handle planning for building large-scale lithium ion battery cell manufacturing in Germany.

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    • BMZ GmbH is one of “Bavaria’s best 50” companies

      Karlstein, 01 August  2017 • For the fourth time, BMZ GmbH has been selected as one of the winners of the “Bavaria’s best 50” competition organised by the Bavarian state ministry of economic affairs,

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    • BMZ Drive Systems offers connectivity solution with Comodule

      Karlstein, 25th July  2017 • BMZ GmbH integrates additional connectivity solutions for the BMZ Drive System. A smartphone is used to link the E-bike to an intelligent network.

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    • BMZ Poland Moves to New Company Facility in Gliwice with 650 Employees

      Karlstein, 05 July  2017 • In the middle of July, around 650 employees of the BMZ Group in Poland will move into the new company facility “Alberta Einsteina.” The employees at the factory and the administrative staff will be moving to the new building in July.

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    • BMZ Group Manufactures Lithium-Ion Battery Systems in Austria and Switzerland

      The BMZ Group has concluded a cooperation agreement with AKKU Mäser GmbH to collaborate in assembling lithium-ion battery systems. “In the future, BMZ will manufacture prototypes and series products in cooperation with AKKU Mäser.

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    • Energy Storage Systems and Multigrid Inverter form the perfect team for reducing electricity costs

      Karlstein, 24th May 2017 • BMZ GmbH cooperates with Dutch company Victron Energy B.V. in the energy storage system area. The BMZ Energy Storage System (ESS), including the products ESS 7.0 and ESS 9.0 work perfectly with an inverter from Victron – the Victron Multigrid Inverter.

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    • TerraE plans gigafactory for lithium-ion cells in Germany

      Karlstein, 22nd May 2017 • Start-up company TerraE Holding GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main is planning a large-scale production for lithium-ion cells in Germany. The founding partners are BMZ Holding GmbH, Dr Ulrich Ehmes and Holger Gritzka, who will also take over the management.

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    • Intersolar Europe: BMZ Introduces New ESS 9.0 Energy Storage System for Commercial and Industrial Applications

      Karlstein, 02.05.2017• BMZ energy storage systems (ESS) offer an economical way to store electricity for commercial plants with photovoltaic components. This allows commercial and industrial customers to use inexpensive electricity for operations around the clock.

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    • Expansion in Asia The BMZ Group Presents at the China International Bicycle Exhibition in Shanghai

      Karlstein, 02.05.2017 • BMZ Company Ltd. will be presenting the BMZ Drive System at the China International Bicycle Exhibition in Shanghai from May 6th - 9th. The exhibition is the leading trade fair for the bicycle industry in China, and the full range of bicycles will be on display there on an international stage.

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    • Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) blazes new paths for competitive electric mobility

      Hannover – at the CeBIT 2017, will present the entirely developed CITY eTAXI at the booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The launch of the newly developed vehicle type positions the CITY eTAXI as a counter-approach to today’s developments in the automotive sector.

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    • 13th Battery Experts’ Forum – International setting of the battery

      The top topics of this year’s industry meeting point on 15th and 16th March 2017 include the “global market for lithium ion battery technologies” and “cell manufacturers and users”. The topics of “electromobility” and “new materials and technologies” will be discussed in two further sessions.

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    • BMZ Brings New Energy Storage System with Higher Capacity to

      With the new lithium ion energy storage option – the BMZ Energy Storage Systems (ESS) – both private and commercial solar system operators have the ability to inexpensively store solar energy during the day, then use it in their own homes or businesses as needed.

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    • BMZ Manufactures Lithium-Ion Batteries for E-Mobility Applications

      As a global player in lithium-ion battery systems, the BMZ Group develops large-scale batteries for vehicles like buses, forklifts, cranes, sweepers, commercial vehicles in harbours and airports, E-taxis, industrial trucks, and E-boats.

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    • “AkkuWelt” - Reference Work on Battery Technology

      No matter whether they're used in the automotive sector, electric bicycles, tools, energy networks, or industrial manufacturing: batteries play an ever growing role in our society, and are at the heart of many different evices and systems. They make mobile applications possible and drive innovation on all technologically-oriented markets.

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