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BMZ Drive Systems - E-Bikes

BMZ Drive Systems comprises high-quality drive systems with the communication interfaces software, service and service tools.

We have brought the technical know-how of our development team to your advantage for the development of BMZ Drive Systems. Knowing millions of powerful lithium-ion batteries and charging technology for electrical applications in all areas of application benefits your favorite battery system.

Through cooperations with competent partners from the electronics industry, we offer our customers everything from a single source. BMZ hereby assumes the overall responsibility of the entire system.

Support for e-bike batteries

The BMZ Group offers dealers a haulage service, the repair of e-bike batteries as well as telephone advice and service software. In order to be able to accompany customers throughout the entire useful life of a product, the BMZ Central Service offers highly trained technicians and skilled workers with many years of experience in service management. BMZ offers worldwide support, a 24-hour hotline, on-site service for business customers and a Kan-Ban supply of spare parts.

BMZ Service Hotline for diagnostics and troubleshooting Drive Systems

BMZ takes over the service for the BMZ Drive Systems - the system solution in the e-bikes segment in the Central Service in Karlstein a.M. Software updates can be installed via a service tool developed by BMZ GmbH and faults in the system can be detected and possibly defective motors or displays via the Service Center be exchanged. The BMZ team offers technical service both online and by telephone. Professionals help diagnose and troubleshoot the engine, display and battery. The BMZ Service Center also offers a low-cost rental battery.

Return and repair of e-bike batteries

BMZ offers a quick collection and return of e-bike batteries and a repair out of warranty with spare parts availability up to 5 years as well as the return of the old components and the disposal in a take-back system in Europe.

E-bike trainings in the BMZ Training Academy

BMZ carries out product training courses for bicycle dealers in the BMZ Drive Systems segment. These can take place at BMZ GmbH in Karlstein a.M. or at the dealer. Training focuses on fault diagnosis, repair, installation and updates of software as well as battery and engine management systems.

The BMZ Group works together with Batteryuniversity GmbH (BU) - an independent test laboratory for battery and environmental testing. The BU checks the quality and safety of products. In addition, the BU offers training in lithium-ion basic training as well as special topics.

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